Adjunct Faculty Agreement

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If their responsibilities remain the same, employees paid above the minimum supplement will not be reduced in remuneration during the term of this Agreement. The payment of an employee in excess of the minimum does not entitle any other employee to such treatment. 2. A copy of this Agreement and, where appropriate, a copy of the local supplementary manual shall also be made available to the first potential delegate. Where a potential staff member accepts his or her appointment, the UNION college/university shall provide the name and address of that staff. Yes, but some vary from full-time faculty. Specific leave shall be indicated in Article 9 as follows: 5. The time limits laid down in this Article may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties at the level concerned. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the collective agreement for full-time adjunct and LRCFT members. F. In the policies and practices of the university department or equivalent academic units, teachers may be allowed to choose textbooks and course materials if the complement is not a last-minute setting or if a specific textbook is not required for the course.

There is no right to complain about management decisions and related procedures as to whether or not to employ adjuncts in the initial or subsequent employment. Annulling decisions, courses scheduled for teaching, discipline and academic judgments are also not lamentable. C. No member of the teaching faculty is required to join an organization as a condition of employment or to refrain from joining an organization, with the exception of certification bodies/associations that refer to a certification requirement for the position. C. The State and the administrations of the college or university undertake to provide the UNION, upon written request and within a reasonable period of time which, if possible, shall not exceed fifteen (fifteen) working days, with the relevant information necessary for the negotiation of subsequent agreements; and to make available to the public all relevant information to help the UNION develop intelligent, accurate, informed and constructive programmes. . . .

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