Argos Card Agreement

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What should I do if I want to return an item I bought with my Argos card? For more information on returning an item, please visit the “Returns” section Can I disable my paper instructions? You can disable your paper snippets when you log in to or when you download and save the My Argos Card app. How do I update my contact information? You can change your phone number and email address in the app, and you can change your address, phone number and email address on I have problems with the Verified By Visa/MasterCard SecureCode screen. How do I get there? Verified By Visa / MasterCard SecureCode are both operated by debit card issuers. If you have problems with this part of your payment (if you don`t remember your passport code, etc.), you may need to contact your bank to help. You can find some information about how long it will take you to pay off your balance, how much interest you could pay and how much you could save by paying more than the minimum each month, How to increase my credit limit? If you`re going to “Ask for a new credit limit,” enter your annual income, tell us the total credit limit, you want – it`s your current limit the amount you want (z.B. if you have a $500 credit limit but want to increase it by $200, then enter $700 as your new limit), and then tell us why you want the new limit and if you want to be considered in the future for automatic credit increases, tap “Credit Change.” We will make an immediate decision and, if your application is accepted, your new limit will be immediately available (even if it is not immediately displayed on What is my “minimum payment”? Your minimum payment is your “monthly minimum,” which is simply the amount you have to pay us each month, according to the terms of your contract with us. The amount you owe and the payment due date are displayed each month in your statement of account as well as in your statement and in the My Argos Card app. Can I use a credit card to make a payment? No, we only accept debit cards. Thus, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Maestro are accepted payment methods, but AmEx and MasterCard or Visa Credit are not.

I received a letter from you saying my account could be suspended. What does that mean? If your Argos Card account is blocked, it means you can`t use your card to buy something new. So we can help you pay off your assets faster and pay less interest. It also means that you won`t be able to increase your balance even further by spending.

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