Cba Agreement Luxembourg

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On 12 July 2018, the Luxembourg Bankers Association (ABBL) signed the new collective agreement (CBA) for bank employees 2018-2020 with the Luxembourg Banking Federation and the financial sector trade union representative. This agreement defines the working conditions of employees in positions within their jurisdiction. The new KBA contains a number of important changes, but we will focus on job classification in this article, as this requires a considerable investment of time and effort and could be extremely problematic if done wrong. The ABBL collective agreement aims to regulate general working hours between the association`s member banks and their employees. Various measures relating to recruitment, working time, the remuneration system and training policy are explicitly included in the text of the collective agreement. The new bankers` collective agreement 2018-2020, signed by the Luxembourg Bankers Association (ABBL), will enter into full force after a gradual implementation at the end of this year. This new agreement includes several fundamental changes to the working conditions of Bank employees working in Luxembourg. The new collective agreement (available in French) for 2018-2020 was officially signed on 12 July 2018 by ABBL, ALEBA, LCGB-SESF and OGB-L. . All staff submitted to the CBA will be involved in this process and their role will be assigned to one of the four new groups after points are awarded based on their seniority. A reassessment and adjustment of wages is carried out when the worker`s remuneration is below the minimum wage of the group in which his or her role was classified. This change requires the quantitative reclassification of existing KBA jobs in these new customs groups. This reclassification also has an impact on minimum compensation, as the pay scales for these mandatory categories are also changing.

This may be a sensitive issue for the current holder of power, who may feel that the appreciation of his role reflects him personally or that his salary is affected by the change. For this reason, effective change management and [1] For very complex roles without the responsibility of managing people per se, these criteria can be used to assume responsibility for the project, resource or strategic coordination. The main features of the CBA are based on the following themes. You`ll find separate videos on the different pricing themes of our library: the main benefits of implementing the new CBA through Deloitte Introduction Classification of functions Remuneration Organisation of working time Training and employability Comment Korma Stamatina Senior Manager – Operations Excellence – Human Capital T -352 45145 3902 . Instead of using the old six-group system (i-vi), the roles of the new CBA 2018-2020 will be divided into four mandatory groups (A-D) from 1 January 2020. As this is a significant change, it has been phased in over the past two years, with a transition year in 2019 in which a number of other compensation changes have come into effect (for example. B, an increase in the pay scales for the six existing categories and the inclusion of the seniority bonus directly in the monthly salary). The new KBA provides for the need for measures to prevent psychosocial risks. It also provides that banks must commit to cooperating with staff delegations to improve measures on corporate social responsibility (e.g. B promotion of well-being at work, flexibility of working time, telework, sabbaticals, right to separation and promotion of diversity).

The KBA applies to all workers of members of the Luxembourg Bankers` Association who work in Luxembourg for an indeterminate period, with the exception of managers and persons holding an apprenticeship contract.

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