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At BeatCast we partner with artists and labels, enabling DVD and Blu-Ray projects to be realised through Pre-order, Crowdfunding and other services. Our focus is creating unique films direct for artists fans, all with no cost to artists and labels.

All our films are created by Directors, Cinematographers, Film Makers and Audio Recording Professionals who are exceptional at their work, and passionate about music and film.

Designed from the fans perspective, deliver your unique release direct to the fans that love your music.

We offer a number of ways to deliver to your fans, including DVD & BluRay, Limited Edition CDs in premium packaging, high quality downloads, branded USB, live streaming, posters and books.

The focus of each film builds on the live concert show, the unique moment when fans connect with the artist they love. BeatCast delivers a cinematic live broadcast of your show, capturing the experience that the fans can then keep forever on DVD, Blue Ray, Vinyl and CD.

Every film we make and DVD we create is developed with Pledgemusic’s team providing you with full campaign management, sales, fulfilment, customer service and additional marketing support.

– Creation of unique releases capturing historic moments, for fans to keep forever
– Engage directly with fans
– We cover all costs
– Fair and Transparent Profit split & incremental revenue
– All rights revert
– Ticketing integration with SeeTickets.com
– Full Marketing, Fulfilment, & Customer Service with PledgeMusic campaign
– Access to PledgeMusic’s 3 Million strong active music buying community
– Makes you money from your music

Stiff Little Fingers ‘Best Served Loud’ Live at Barrowland. Find out more.