Playstation Terms Of Agreement

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You can give SCEA the ability to share with third parties information about your participation in Sony`s online services, including your registration ID, friends list, communication, purchase history and game flow (“Information”). If you choose to do so, the use or dissemination of your information on a third-party website or service may be subject exclusively to the terms of use and the provisions of that third party`s privacy policy. Before you choose to share your information, please see the types of information you share and check the terms of use and privacy policy of the third-party provider. SCEA may also share your information with its subsidiaries or associated companies and suppliers to provide you with Sony online services. You allow SCEA to use, disseminate, copy, display and publish your information for legitimate business purposes, including tournaments and leaderboards, without payment. In addition, you can create, post, stream or transfer content such as images, photos, game-related materials or other information about PSN to share with others (“User Material”), unless the rights of others are violated. To the extent permitted by law, authorize and authorize SCEA to use, distribute, copy, edit, view, view and publish your user`s material for any reason, without restriction or payment to you or to third parties. They also agree that SCEA may sublicens its rights to third parties, including its subsidiaries and subsidiaries. They waive any claim, including moral, against SCEA, its affiliates and subsidiaries for SCEA or the use of user material by third parties, as far as applicable legislation permits. By creating, reserving, disseminating or transferring user material, you declare and guarantee that you have the corresponding rights for the use, creation, publication, distribution and distribution of user material and the granting of the above license to SCEA. You also agree to cooperate with SCEA to resolve disputes that may arise from your information or user materials.

SCEA reserves the right to remove information or user material at its sole discretion. You must accept the terms of PSN, the privacy policy and the terms of use of the software when you create an account, and every time we make a significant change on one of them. Meaningful means something that changes their meaning/our relationship instead of something that only corrects typos or changes the font. Whenever you accept these 3 documents, we will send you the version you have accepted by email (make sure we have the correct email address for you – we also use it for other important things like purchase confirmations and security messages). Keep this email safe so you can check at any time what terms were relevant at any given time. The newest ones will always be there.

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