Publishing Agreement Checklist

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If the author of the decision stipulates that the publisher has not complied or does not comply with the terms of this publishing contract, the author must inform the publisher in writing and give the publisher at least 90 days to remedy these defects. If the publisher does not properly address the issues raised by the author, the author has the right to terminate this publication contract and establish a publishing relationship with another publishing house. The author guarantees that the works governed by the book publishing contract are their only intellectual property, that there are no other similar agreements for these works and that the works are not accessible to the public. In addition, the author guarantees that the works do not infringe the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual rights of third parties. If the works submitted to this publication contract contain factual assertions, the author guarantees that these statements are true and accurate. In addition, the author undertakes not to enter into agreements with third parties that are contrary to the terms of this publishing contract. D. When third parties have revised, limit the reimbursement of fees (revor tax) to 25-50% of the royalties otherwise due author for the first revision and 50-75% for the second revision (no payment to revisionists should be deducted from the author`s funds due according to other agreements). Historically, the language of confidentiality was not included in publication agreements; however, it is added by a larger number of publishers, mainly for privacy purposes.

In general, it is important to check any confidentiality clause with a lawyer. H. No deductions on “other agreements”; Ideally, each book with the same publisher will be considered separately. The publisher has the exclusive right to modify or modify the material provided before publication, as it sees fit. However, the author has the right to verify the changes and grant permission before they are published. While the author has the right to verify, approve and approve the content, format, cover design and final artwork, the publisher reserves the right to produce, distribute, market and sell the finished work as required.

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