Sewer Lift Station Maintenance Agreement

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So what if the elevator station is defective? Flooding, safeguards and environmental hazards are potential outcomes when lifting stations do not function properly. That`s why cities and counties impose a monthly support obligation. Most commercial properties have a buoyancy station on site to ensure that wastewater or storm drainage is pumped from the site into the city`s sewer collection system. These systems need to be maintained and are very critical. An error has the effect of stopping the entire flow system of the property. Clean lifting station connection and treatment for weeds. Monthly and quarterly inspection fees for lift stations vary depending on the pump station configuration. Our agreements include fixed prices for day, night, weekend and holiday emergency calls. The team of Wastewater specialists on site places a copy of the inspection report in the elevator station panel and attaches a copy.

If our technicians find problems with the proper operation of the lift station during the inspection, a member of our management team will inform you of the situation and make a written proposal for your audit and authorization. Inspection services are carried out to ensure that your elevator station is working properly; and to maximum efficiency. This routine service avoids costly outages or overflows and ensures that the lift station and its equipment function properly and sustainably for the nominal life. Count us for more than septic we are the authority in septic repair and maintenance, but our expertise does not stop there. We serve all kinds of sewers, from small grease traps to complete sanitary facilities. Lift stations require unique tools and special training, so be sure to use a qualified supplier to inspect and use them. If you would like to learn more about the maintenance of lift stations or request a service, please contact us. If you don`t know, a lifting station moves wastewater from lower elevations to higher altitudes. They are cited accordingly because they “lift” wastewater to higher areas when gravity cannot bring water to where it needs to flow. You can see them used for neighborhoods at the foot of a hill, if the pipe system is at the top of a hill, for example.

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