Southern Housing Group Tenancy Agreement

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You can apply to buy your home if you have been a tenant for 5 years or more. Make sure you understand the impact of refusing a rent transfer offer. Ask your councils or your housing company what their policy is. If you`re not sure what to do, discuss your options with an independent consultant. Discount auction houses are homes that have a simple discount for buying at market price, so the buyer buys the whole house at a discounted price. You can also consider other accommodations that are not advertised via Island HomeFinder, including: Check your rental agreement, as there are rules on how much your rent can be increased. Your landlord usually informs you first, at least four weeks in advance. As a general rule, they must be able to meet certain conditions in order to award them a lease agreement in these circumstances. Contact housing Rights for advice if you think this situation applies to you. Safe tenants can only be evacuated if the housing company receives a court order. It may apply to a court order if you find out how to make changes to your lease You can calculate will be part of your household income.

If you receive benefits, you must notify your tenant`s social security service. You must also tell the housing executive how much rent you will receive if you apply for the housing allowance. The amount of benefits you receive will likely be reduced depending on your tenants. The housing company will generally only seek to evict you if there has been a problem with your lease; how you didn`t pay your rent or caused problems with the neighbors. Importing tenants can be evacuated as long as you cannot accept who must have the rental agreement, we recommend you get independent legal advice. The right to acquire allows most tenants of housing companies to buy their home with a discount. For more information, please visit: Shared Ownership is an affordable way to buy or rent partially. You must be able to obtain a mortgage for a percentage of the property while the rest is owned by a housing company for which you must pay subsidized rent. You must also fund the legal fees for the purchase of the property and there may be other related costs to consider, such as a deposit and stamp duty.

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