Ufs Financial Agreement Form

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For more information on the 2019 registration process, click here. The UFS is trying to establish itself as an institution that follows the provision of excellence and quality knowledge through academic excellence, diversity, inclusion and innovative and transformative thinking. We welcome all our first and senior students in early 2019. Registration is the process by which you officially register as a student at UFS. Please note that if you accept a fixed offer from the UFS, a registration information guide will be sent to you. Students must receive four (or more) from 10 disciplines. Students with a score of four or less ten in one of the IELTS sub-tests must take a language proficiency test at our orientation centres. Based on this assessment, it may be recommended that the budding student complete a six-month English course in the English department before starting his or her studies. Once they graduate, students can continue their studies or pursue English and planned studies. Students who register under an exchange contract are not subject to these requirements, provided that the Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Understanding) defines their knowledge of English.

Detailed information on first payments, accommodation fees, bank details and payment data can be found on the student finance website. To view a snapshot of 2019 registration payments, click here. First-year students and parents are also invited by the respective deans to the faculty`s host programs. You have the opportunity to meet with your faculty staff and get important scientific information. To prepare to live in the residence, visit KovsieLife. The university reserves the right to change without notice the rules applicable to the granting of scholarships/loans and the values of scholarships/loans. If you have any questions, please contact the call centre on 27 51 401 9666 or email your student number to studentadmin@ufs.ac.za. Our friendly staff is at your disposal. The reception of FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS and PARENTS in front of the main building at 6:30 p.m. for 19:00 NSFAS does not fund university access programs (UAPs), as it is a transition program. You must fund your own education and apply the following year for the consumer study if you have passed your APU year. NSFAS funding applies only to higher quotas provided through the UFS South Campus.

Two weeks before the start of classes, all first-year students have the unique opportunity to enter GATEWAY through the gateway orientation program to succeed in their academic career and in university life. The purpose of the gateway orientation program is to provide access; Metaphorically open a door to different pathways that lead to student learning, development and success. Gateway Booklet Bloemfontein CampusGateway Booklet South CampusGateway Booklet Qwaqwa Campus Home of FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS at Faculty Places at 09:00 Senior Students: All Seniors (second-year, third-year, or postgraduate students), can-online from January 7, 2019. Ntswaki Masoleng: `27 51 401 7125 (Masolengnu@ufs.ac.za)Thabiso Mbo: `27 51 401 9894 (Mbota@ufs.ac.za)Judy Mothibedi: `27 51 401 7731 (Mothibedij@ufs.ac.za)Tokéo Fako: `27 51 401 7175 (fakota@ufs.ac.za)Tracey-Le Smith -27 51 401 3955 (71755) smitht2@ufs.ac.za)Pulane Maine: 27 51 401 3955 (mainep@ufs.ac.za)Namhla Ntia: 27 51 401 2218 (ntian@ufs.ac.za)Qwaqwa CampusLekhotla Lechoba: -27 58 718 5198 (Lechoball@ufs.ac.za; A-L student surname) Tsoanelo Mosikili: (Mosikilitf@ufs.ac.za; Student`s surname M) Van Rooi Hlapane: `27 58 718 3625 (Hlapanevj@ufs.ac.za; Student`s surname N-Z) NATIONAL STUDENT FINANCIAL AID SCHEME (NSFAS) ACT BlendedE: wilsonla@ufs.ac.zaClient Services: `27 51 505 1378 If you are a top hit with an AP final score of 35 and above, you get a UFS merit award corresponding to the value corresponding to your final AP score.

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